The M2-SUTS-ASEP is a member of the European masters, Erasmus Mundus « Space Master : Joint European master in Space Sciences and Technology ». Each year, several foreign students are accepted to follow the M2 ASEP, after successfully completing their first year of masters in Sweden (University of Lulea, Kiruna campus).

Joint Master between Toulouse-Porto

The masters is also co-run between the UPS and the University of Porto, allowing students to undertake an Erasmus exchange between these two universities. The student will then receive a double diploma, one from each of the two universities concerned.

Information for foreigners

The international relations office at the University Paul Sabatier is available to help any foreign students with their administrative formalities associated with their move to Toulouse.

Lectures in English

In order to help non French speaking students, many of the lectures are given in English. If the course is not given in English, the professor/lecturer will be available to assist the student in any way they can.

It should be noted that it is also possible to follow classes to learn French (Français Langue Etrangère, FLE), either as an intensive course before the beginning of the academic year, or over the first semester.